Safar Jumbo Ranger

* Charge time as per standard charger provide with product

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Har Safar Kaamiyaabi Ka

Har Safar Kaamiyaabi Ka

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Our green community

Kinetic Green's attention to detail is evident in the tech features of their Kinetic Green Flex model. The user-friendly interface adds a modern touch to my daily rides.
The comfortable seating and smooth suspension of Kinetic Green Zing HSS have transformed my daily commute. Even bumpy roads feel less hectic
I bought a Kinetic Green Zoom for my father who is a senior citizen. The speed control feature is a major relief for me knowing that it won’t accelerate beyond 25km/h.
Being environmentally conscious is important to me, and the Kinetic Green Zing aligns perfectly with my values. People always stop to ask about it, and I proudly share my experience.
The low maintenance requirements of my Kinetic Green Zoom have been a pleasant surprise. Which in turn, provides me with the highest level of happiness and satisfaction.
The stylish looks and the advanced features of the Kinetic Green Flex make me fall in love with it every single day. I am loving the experience and highly recommend it to my friends and family.
I am proud to be a part of the electric revolution which is made possible by Kinetic Green’s wide range of electric vehicles designed to fulfil your daily travelling needs.
Kinetic Green Zoom is reliable, efficient, and has reduced my overall transportation costs. I'm satisfied and happy with my decision.
Compared to traditional petrol scooters, the maintenance for my Kinetic Zing HSS is a walk in the park. No oil changes or complex engine checks. It's all about keeping the battery charged, and that's it.
The convenience of plugging in my Kinetic Green Zoom at home for charging is unbeatable.
The smooth acceleration and quiet operation of Kinetic Green Flex makes my rides enjoyable, and I love that I can zip through traffic without any emissions. Highly recommended!

Our green community

Energise your riding experience

Super DX

  • 110 Kms* Certified Range
  • 8 hours* Charging
  • 130Ah Capacity

Safar Smart

  • 80 Kms* Certified Range
  • 3 hours* Charging
  • 4 kWh Capacity

Safar Shakti

  • 120 Kms* Certified Range
  • 8 hours* Charging
  • 130Ah Capacity

FAQ’s of Safar Jumbo Ranger

What is the Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo best known to offer?

The Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo is best known for the vast space to carry out your logistical needs as well as providing comfort to the driver.

What is the warranty period offered by Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo?

The warranty period offered by Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo is 3 years or 30000 Kms whichever is early.

What is the size of the Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo’s storage box?

Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo’s storage box comes with a float area of 150 cubic feet.

What is the payload capacity offered by Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo?

Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo offers a payload capacity of 500 kilograms, excluding the weight of the storage box and the driver.

What is the top speed at which the Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo can be driven on the street?

Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo can be driven at a maximum speed of 45km/h*.

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